Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weird-looking Sherlock Holmeses (first in an occasional series)

Everyone likes a weird-looking Sherlock Holmes, so to get the bull rolling here's a picture I clipped out of a 1970s Look-In Television Annual many years ago.
It's a comedy double-act from the seventies ITV series Who Do You Do? whose names I have momentarily forgotten. Not Wayne and Shuster, because they were Canadian. But something along those lines.

To my mind, this is the picture that, more than any other, belongs on the cover of the Penguin Complete Stories.
Now, here's seventies starlet Luan Peters dressed mysteriously - to say nothing of half-heartedly - as Sherlock Holmes, as he might look if he had decided to take a beach holiday after completing gender realignment surgery. (Can't remember which of the books this story appears in; I think it might be His Last Bow.)

If you have any pictures of weird Sherlock Holmeses, send them to me at If we have enough, I'll do a competition and pick a winner. Please note that this competition is not open to people who believe in God, and only two schoolchildren may enter at any one time.